FK Group Auto Cutter - Tecno Freccia - Made in Italy

Model Tecno Freccia - For Technical Textile Fabrics

FK Group Auto Spreading & Cutting solution - BILIARDO - Made in Italy

Biliardo with Electronic Micro Spreader 590 on board

ZUND Multi-Functions Digital Cutter - Swiss made

Multi-functional Digital Flatbed Cutter for all type of materials

ZUND L3 Digital Cutter - Cutting real Leather - Swiss made

Special Design for Small Leather (Pig, Ship, half-Cow)

ZUND S3 Digital Cutter - Shoes Sample Cutting - Swiss made

Enormous flexibility and best choice for sales sample room

ZUND G3 Digital Cutter - Single ply & Pre-printed fabrics - Swiss made

Single ply cutter - Automatic cutting to end of fabric roll
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Sales: 0913.713071