Máy Cắt Bao Bì & Hộp Carton - ZUND G3


Máy Cắt Bao Bì & Hộp Carton - ZUND G3

ZUN G3 - Chuyên dùng cho cắt hộp giấy & bao bì cao cấp.

 Tính toàn cầu hóa của máy là thực hiện các chức năng từ khâu thiết kế mẫu cho đến hoàn thiện một mẫu thật.
* Máy còn có thể áp dụng cho các chuyền sản xuất nhỏ chuyên sản xuất thùng Carton và tạo nếp gấp.

- Cutting all type of Carton - max thickness 28mm

- Greasing lines with different width & deep

- Possible to cut in V-shape

Zünd Samplemaker – high-quality products from many different materials

Creative packaging solutions are easier to sell with professional-looking samples. The differences between sampling and serial production need to be imperceptible, the quality identical. Nowadays marketing professionals expect to see printed packaging even in the sampling phase. The packaging idea must become visual and tangible r eality from the very first sample. This is where the Zünd camera system provides the necessary precision for cutting preprinted materials cleanly and efficiently. Control the cutter either directly from the CAD system or with the user-friendly Zünd Cut Center Software.

Why outsource if you can do it all in-house - One for all !!

The Zünd cutter is designed to give you capabilities that will benefit you in many ways: from cutting photopolymer flexographic printing plates, offset printing and coating blankets; to plotting steel-rule die layouts and templates; to cutting ejection rubber and using any number of cutting, creasing, and scoring tools for sample-making. This flexibility leads to better vertical integration and greater independence from external suppliers.Better control, more profit – all from one machine.

When samples go into production - Full automation, consistent precision and reliability

Digital, on-demand printing of short runs has become commonplace. Small series of high-quality printed pieces have to be produced in a flash. The Zünd cutting system enables you to finish pr eprinted materials automatically, unattended, directly from a stack. The system requires no dies yet delivers efficient, on-time finishing at highest-possible quality levels and with minimal manpower. Easy operation and efficient data workflow are Zünd’s hallmark – now more than ever, with Zünd Cut Center software.

It’s simple: The cutter that keeps up with your business

Printed short runs are the current trend, unprinted samples history. The modularity and flexibility of the Zünd cutting system keeps you in the game, ready to meet ever-changing demands head on. With options such as the camera system or the modular, automated board handling, your system is capable of growing right along with your needs. Upgradeability gives Zünd cutters lasting value, returning your investment over and over.


For Mass Producttions

Expanding capacity with less manpower

The Zünd G3 cutting system with automatic board loading and unloading provides display, signage, and packaging companies with the ultimate in automation. What this means is minimal labor requirements, limited to the delivery and removal of stacked materials. Unattended cutting operations during off-hours become routine. Formats up to 2 x 3 m (6.5 x 10 ft) can be processed, corrections and changes made right up to the start of a production run. Consistent with the Zünd philosophy: completely modular automation that can be built up and r etro-fitted as needed. Naturally, the system also allows for efficient just-in-time production of shorter runs and even one-offs.

No bridges necessary

A unique transport system allows for reliable stacking of cut boards without the need for bridges to hold cut pieces in place. The result: separating finished pieces from waste becomes considerably easier and more efficient.

Board off-loading/Board stacker

Cut boards are stacked automatically and can be easily removed with a pallet jack even while cutting continues

Different settings guarantee reliable board separation. A pre-positioning system ensures that every board is accurately placed on the cutting surface even with imperfectly stacked materials

Ease of use

The controls are limited to a few basic settings easy for any operator to master.


All components are easily accessible, whether for manual loading of very short runs or fully automated production. The entire system is controlled from the ergonomically designed workstation.

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