Máy cắt cho ngành Quảng Cáo - ZUND G3


Máy cắt cho ngành Quảng Cáo - ZUND G3

Chuyên cắt Nhôm Alu, Mica, MDF, Formex, Carton sóng, Decal, v.v..

ZUND G3 - Dòng máy cắt chuyên nghiệp dùng cho ngành Quảng Cáo


Cho dù in kỹ thuật số trên nhựa vinyl, POP được làm từ các tông sóng hoặc dệt cho các ứng dụng bảng hiệu mềm, các giải pháp cắt cực kỳ linh hoạt của Zünd đáp ứng nhiều nhu cầu và tính đa dạng của ngành quảng cáo.

Offer your customers something your competition cannot 

With the world’s most advanced digital cutters – the champions from Zünd.

In today’s competitive environment, eye-catching shapes and unusual materials are in high demand. Zünd’s latest camera-guided cutting and routing technologies are capable of meeting these r equirements better than ever. Structural designs, contour-cut displays – Zünd cutters will finish all varieties of common and newly developed materials easily, efficiently and economically.

Shelf signage: Contour-cut polypropylene shelf talkers for in-store promotion

Hanging signs: Contour-cut acrylic mobile, routed at unprecedented speeds thanks to optimized vacuum hold-down.

Floor graphics: Laminated adhesive-backed vinyl, kiss-cut and through-cut, for floor decals and floor mats.

Displays: Cut or routed lightweight POP/ POS materials up to 50 mm/2” thick. Ideal for in-store decoration.

Textile, fabric banners/flags: Porous flexibles for feather flags, banners, roll-ups. Cut perfectly using high-speed tooling and material transport.

Vehicle graphics: Pressure-sensitive vinyl for fleet graphics, vehicle wraps, and decals. Kiss-cut and contour-cut.

Light boxes: Scrolling light boxes and backlit displays trim-cut perfectly at high speed.

Transparent graphics: Oversized mesh banners and building wraps cut at high speeds with motor-driven rotary tool.

Floor display: Pop-up, roll-up and cardboard displays cut and creased. Perfect for folding panel displays and stand-ups in showrooms and store windows.

Store decor & furnishings: Thick corrugated and composite board made foldable. The Zünd v-cut tool at its best.

Presentation kit: Polypropylene case and packaging. Example of structural design, with contour-cuts and creases.

Brochure holder: Cutting, creasing/scoring, and v-cutting – all in one. Brochure holders, presentation systems, shelf displays, and booth design.


Productivity generates profit - Zünd champions generate productivity.

With ever-increasing print speed and quality, digital printers have made many things possible – and even more, in combination with Zünd Cutters. The world’s fastest and most accurate cutting system is at your disposal for automatically trimming and contour-cutting banners, posters, flags, and many other flexible materials faster and more productively than ever.

New solutions drive the market - Zünd champions get you there.

Creative and low cost – these are vital attributes in designing displays for retail, showroom and exhibit applications. The Zünd cutter puts new ideas in overdrive, removing all limits to creativity and choice of materials. Rigid, flexible, and folding stock offer endless possibilities. With Zünd, finishing becomes both easy and profitable.

Finishing with Zünd -

Just in time, cost effective, and with uncompromising quality.

Steadily decreasing delivery times and ever shorter production runs tend to create bottlenecks in the finishing department. Cutting by hand or using outdated technology leads to poor quality control, is prone to errors, time consuming, and expensive. Since finishing is the last step in just-in-time production, reruns tend to be very costly.

The Zünd digital cutter keeps labor and risk to a minimum while maximizing quality productivity and Increase your capabilities exponentially with automatic, precise, and efficient processing of a wide range of rigid, flexible, and foldable materials. With such varied applications as high-speed cutting, routing, creasing/scoring, and complex kiss-cutting/through-cutting, Zünd delivers ultimate production flexibility and throughput. Boost your capacity for innovation. Convince your customers with extraordinary solutions. The champions from Zünd make it all possible.

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