Máy cắt vải 1 lớp - cắt theo hình in sẵn

Máy cắt vải 1 lớp - cắt theo hình in sẵn

Tự động cấp vật liệu, cắt cho đến hết cuộn

Phù hợp với Phòng Mẫu và cả Sản Xuất Hàng Loạt

- Cắt tất cả các loại vải kỹ thuật & vải thông dụng

- Cắt da thật, giả da, PP, PE, v.v...

- Công cụ đục lỗ với đường kính 0,5mm - 1mm - 2mm - 3mm - 4mm - 5mm - 5,5mm

- Viết vẽ cho đánh dấu vị trí lắp ráp

Dynamic markets demand ultimate flexibility

Where strict quality requirements meet challenging materials

You conduct ground-breaking research in composites, develop products and the perfect methods for manufacturing them…

You build prototypes or produce highly specialized components in short series for customers with the most stringent quality requirements…

You are confronted with the challenges of producing light-weight building products in large quantities…

Zund can offer you a modular, flexible, cost-effective expandable cutting system for processing various materials with impeccable precision

Honeycomb - boards from paper, cardboard, plastics or aluminum.

Structural foam - core, sandwich materials.

Prepreg- pre-impregnated fiber. Semi-finished product of carbon or glass fibers and a non-hardened duro- or thermoplastic matrix.

Aramidfiber - Kevlar™ woven, knitted, or uni-directional textile structure. Single and multiply.

Glasfibers- woven, knitted or unidirectional textile structure. Single or multi-ply.

PVC film - printed or unprinted

Garment fabrics - cotton, polyester, velour, net, toweling materials, spacer- or micro fabrics.

Rip-Stop - reinforced nylon fabrics.

Balloon materials - silk, polyester, polyamides

Awning materials - coated polyester, cotton.

Felt materials - non-woven cotton or synthetics.

Synthetic materials - PE, PP, PUR, PVC.

Stretch fabrics - elastane, spandex, spacer fabrics.

Foam material - polystyrene, polyurethane, polypropylene.

Filter materials - felt, synthetics, carbon, paper.

Gasket materials - paper, graphite, rubber, silicone, cork.

A wide range of applications demand maximum adaptability

Where the need for productivity meets a vast variety of materials

Zünd cutting systems are high-precision machines that are exceptionally reliable and require very little maintenance. They combine the latest in cutting technology with the powerful Zund Cut Center software to deliver remarkable productivity. To accommodate diverse applications and guarantee maximum flexibility at all times, tool changes can be performed in a few quick and easy steps.

Zünd cutters come in working widths up to 3.2 m/125“. Automatic material handling options, such as the center winder and a range of other roll-feed devices, facilitate processing of unwieldy and large-format rolls, e.g. PVC-film for truck tarps. Digitally cutting these flexible materials is significantly faster, more reliable, and reproducible than cutting them by hand. This results in maximum productivity.

Individual requirements demand tailor-made solutions

Where special project requirements meet extraordinary materials

Zünd cutters are modular by design. With their built-in flexibility, they can be configured to meet an exceptionally wide range of cutting requirements. G3 and S3 cutters comply with the highest safety standards and are UL-certified.

Standardized and open interfaces allow for integration in any production workflow. Zünd Cut Center software is compatible with a broad range of file formats and can be integrated with other software platforms. Zünd offers robust, proven and thousand times installed cutting technology for industrial applications.

A simple fact:

The cutter that keeps adapting to your needs

Are you ready for the future, ready to meet the challenges of ever-changing demand? Your Zünd cutter is.

Zünd is the most modular, adaptable, easily upgradable cutting system on the market. This exceptional modularity permits easy, cost-effective changes and upgrades for whatever applications may arise and helps guarantee the longevity and security of your investment.

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