Phát Họa Giày 3D - Footwear Romans Cad 3D Sketch

Thẻ: Roman

Phát Họa Giày 3D - Footwear Romans Cad 3D Sketch

RCS 3D SKETCH Design The Right Shoes and Made The Shoes Right

The 3 main reasons to use RCS 3D Sketch
  • Design directly on the last
  • Create the colors variants
  • Get the flattening
Unleash your creativity
RCS 3D Sketch is designed to provide an exceptional 3D sketching tools to professional designers and artists from the footwear industry. RCS 3D Sketch includes a very easy user interface and gesture-based so fast and intuitive than even new users can be productive within minutes. RCS 3D sketch represents the next generation of 3D digital design software, user-centric and placing technology in the service of drawing experience more lifelike. 
Developed specifically for use with a stylus, RCS 3D sketch equips you with the tools you need to move easily from 2D environment to a 3D digital Design. 

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