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Thiết Kế Túi Xách 3D-Romans Cad 3D Design

RCS 3D DESIGN Create Your 3D Virtual Prototype

Create your 3D virtual prototype
The 3 main reasons to use RCS 3D Design
  • Quickly assess multiple design alternatives
  • Optimize designs before to made physical samples
  • Better controlled process
Unleash your creativity
  • You can now create your own 3D virtual prototype with RCS 3D design. The benefits are :
  • You can build a range of products before seeing physical prototypes.
  • Free up time in the sample room by only sending what’s required (e.g. some samples may be dropped from the range before any physical samples have been made).
  • The models that are sent to the factory play a huge role in reducing the amount of sample iterations made, as there is something physical to reference against, because the samples that coming back to HQ are more accurate, time is saved on revision time.
  • It gives you a better controlled process which enables you to make decisions on styles/variants much earlier in the design/development process which enables you to create a more comprehensive range of products.

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