ZUND L3 Máy cắt da hiệu quả cao cho sản xuất tinh gọn

ZUND L3 Máy cắt da hiệu quả cao cho sản xuất tinh gọn

ZUND L3 - Cắt da và nhiều lọai vật liệu khác nhau trong ngành công nghiệp Da Giày & Túi Xách

Sự kết hợp vô hạn giữa các lọai đầu cắt và dao cắt khác nhau là điều kiện lý tưởng cho một hệ thống cắt để có thế đáp ứng bất kỳ nhu cầu nào về cắt mẫu.
- Cắt da và vật liệu giả da.
- Cắt đế lót trong giày.
- Cắt các lọai vật liệu khác.

Cut Real Leather, synthetic leather, sole, plastic and almost material using in Leather, Shoes and Bag.

No more Die cut.

Enormous flexibility and individual solutions through modular construction.

A quick return on investment. Superior cutting performance, low operating costs, and optimized workflow guarantee your modular Zund cutting system to provide just the right tool for your materials. Lining, and pattern materials efficiently and at the highest levels of quality. Count onexpensive dies and reduce the need for manpower, all while processing leather, sole,position as leading manufacturer of digital cutting systems. Eliminate the need forcombined with innovative technology and Swiss pr ecision, secure Zund‘s Increase your productivity and flexibility in the shoe industry!


Maximum cut quality, maximum productivity.
At home, in the car, in the airplane: products cut on a Zünd ar e everywhere.
Multifunctional, fast, precise - characteristics that make the
Zünd ideal for cutting an exceptionally wide range of materials: leather, textiles, padding, stuffing, in addition to patterns from car dboard, particle board, or PVC. Zünd makes processing all of these materials not just simple but exceedingly efficient and cost-effective. No wonder so many renowned manufacturers rely on Zünd high-performance cutting systems.

Creativity and technology from design to finished product.
Zünd cutters support your creativity - from idea to finished product.
The modular design concept lends itself to anything from prototy ping to high-volume production. Thanks to 15 cutter sizes and a wide range of tool and material-handling options, Zünd has the perfect solution for every application. You decide what type of production environment will work best for you, Zünd delivers the components necessary for optimizing your workflow. From simple material advance with manual loading to fully automated load/off-load system, everything is possible.

Competence and know-how 

Sustainable, long-term customer benefits
Swiss precision, efficiency, durable construction. These basic characteristics make Zünd cutters well suited for multi-shift operation. More than 25 years‘ experience and thousands of installations worldwide speak for the Zünd brand: the exceptional reliability and longevity of Zünd cutters ar e the result of proven technology combined with unparalleled innovation. Zünd cutters adapt to changing customer demands with tooling and material-handling options that can easily be added or upgr aded at any time. Your investment in Zünd technology is sustainable and guaranteed to last.
As a leading manufacturer of multifunctional CAM equipment, Zünd works closely with many reputable CAD suppliers. Zünd cutting systems offer standar d interfaces and can be integr ated easily in existing production workflows. Zünd is here to support you with competence and know-how, helping you make your ideas become reality.

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